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​Art.a Pelli / ABOUT US

Art.a Pelli  Srl, founded in the 1981 under the name of “Artigiana pelli” afterwards modified in the actual abbreviation, started its activity as splits collector from the local tanneries of the Chiampo’s valley.

Since the beginning the travelling spirit of Enrico Faedo, still the main founder and shareholder, has driven the company activity to the worldwide research and knowledge of all realities directly and indirectly connected to the world of hides and leather.


Today, this constant desire for exploration allows Art.a pelli to proposes itself to its customers as importers and retailers of the hides that best meet the characteristics and specifications necessary to develop the finished product that is increasingly performing both qualitatively and environmentally friendly.

In recent years, a close collaboration with a brilliant innovative and performing company operating at 360 degrees in the footwear sector has been added to the historical activity with leathers.


This collaboration, based on the deep mutual esteem and trust, allows Art.a Pelli to remain in connection with the most innovative digital technologies and to draw any information from these in order to increasingly adapt the world of raw material procurement in the most sustainable way possible with the greatest transparency and traceability.

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